About me

My name is Dr Nichola Marchant and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist ( registered with the British Psychological Society, BPS and the Health and Care Professions Council, HCPC ). I am based in Derbyshire and also work online.

I work with predominantly with individuals but also offer couples therapy, supervision, training and consultation and work as an expert witness.

I specialise in working with trauma, emotional difficulties and with issues relating to sex and sexuality.

I use various therapeutic approaches in my work and strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most crucial factor in supporting people to work towards achieving their goals. I aim to work collaboratively with my clients and can offer both short term and long term therapies.

I can be contacted by phone / text (07771 391614) or email - rubypsychologicalservices@gmail.com.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

appreciating our feelings

Feelings ( or emotions) are complex things. Sometimes they are immensely pleasurable while at other times they are overwhelmingly painful. At times we may wish we could lock them away in a box forever or have them removed , especially if it seems that all they do is cause distress. Feelings can get out of control, telling us there are threats when there are none, causing problems in our relationships and dragging us down.

However our feelings are important. They communicate things to us - telling us we need to run when there is a real threat, tell us to stand up and fight when we need to, let us know that maybe we shouldn't have done something and perhaps need to apologise and give us a buzz when something nice is happening.

Our feelings communicate to others too and can help improve our relationships - letting people know when we need a hug, or a cuppa or that the time is right to jump around squealing in excitement!

Without our feelings we might avoid the crappy stuff but it would be a whole lot harder to survive and we would certainly miss out on all the wonderful stuff. Let's learn to love our feelings because without them what would we be?

For anyone who struggles with identifying their feelings or managing them safely, you are not alone. Approaches such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Mindfulness and Compassionate Mind can be really useful in helping us to learn how to identify our feelings, how to allow ourselves to experience feelings and how to manage them when they get out of control.


Friday, 22 May 2015

thinking outside the box

Psychological therapies have traditionally been conducted in clinics and interview rooms. The emphasis has been on containment and consistency. There is no doubt that for some people the predictability of a familiar environment can encourage the formation of a positive therapeutic alliance with the therapist and enable everything to focus on what's going on in the room.

More and more though I ( and many others) have been considering the benefits of offering an alternative approach which takes therapy outside to connect with nature and often our emotions and our sense of inner peace. For some this process can feel less intimidating and more empowering. Being outside naturally gives many opportunities for mindfulness and can allow us to explore places and indeed parts of ourselves that we didn't know existed.

It's ok to be creative, to break free of apparent traditions and to think about doing things differently!