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My name is Dr Nichola Marchant and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist ( registered with the British Psychological Society, BPS and the Health and Care Professions Council, HCPC ). I am based in Derbyshire and also work online.

I work with predominantly with individuals but also offer couples therapy, supervision, training and consultation and work as an expert witness.

I specialise in working with trauma, emotional difficulties and with issues relating to sex and sexuality.

I use various therapeutic approaches in my work and strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most crucial factor in supporting people to work towards achieving their goals. I aim to work collaboratively with my clients and can offer both short term and long term therapies.

I can be contacted by phone / text (07771 391614) or email - rubypsychologicalservices@gmail.com.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mindful Monday

The start of the week may bring doom and gloom and a longing for the weekend / holidays / the future. Focussing on what is to come may prompt feelings of anxiety of frustration. We may also look back at what has gone before triggering feelings of sadness of what we have lost or feelings of pain and regret.

This week lets try to be different. Let's focus on the here and now, living in the moment. Coping with what life throws at us ( because we can), enjoying the small things that we experience each day ( as there is pleasure all around us if we can learn to see it) and mindfully experiencing each day ( each hour, each minute) as it happens.

Mindfully cleaning our teeth, taking a shower, making that cuppa, walking to work....whatever we do throughout the day can be done mindfully with our full attention. Things around us will distract us, thoughts in our head, sensations in our body, but each can we become distracted we can try to notice the distraction and then let it go by turning our attention back to the task in hand.

Don't lets live our lives buried in the past or rushing towards the future, lets try our best to live in the present ( as painful and as uncomfortable as that may feel) and learn that we can cope, we are strong and our emotions are manageable.

For more information on mindfulness try searching for mindfulness resources on the internet for downloads, scripts and more.

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